Journal of International Information Management


Personal computers have changed the way that business is conducted in today's office. Every position in a company is affected by the use of personal computers from secretaries to top level management. Tasks and job duties are performed more easily thereby increasing productivity. Personal computers in the 1990s will be networked via LANs to other personal computers, minicomputers and mainframes to enhance people's abilities and allow them to perform their jobs better. With the increased use of LANs, many LAN productivity applications wUl be utilized that will also increase productivity. E-Mail and groupware software will allow people to interact with each other without leaving their offices. These systems will reduce the amount of needless paperwork and time spent in meetings. The 1990s will also see an increase in the use of portable computers because of the small size and increased expansion capabilities, making it easy for users to tap into the network. These portables will allow employees to work at home and transmit any data to the office. Also, these portables will increase the productivity of many field applications. With the new advancements in personal computing, managers in the 1990s will need to understand these PC-based systems and how they impact individuals in the workplace.