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Largest Tax Hike in History of America Read Joan Pryde’s article concerning the largest tax hikes in the history of America. These taxes will hit families and small businesses on Jan. 1, 2011. Big surprises await.

Nine Body Languages Dos and Don’ts to Win in the Business World If you think you’ve been saying all the right things, but you still can’t get ahead, author Sharon Sayler suggests you consider what you’ve really been saying to potential employers—not just verbally, but non-verbally

The Uncertain Economy David Shulman, senior economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast, tells us what ails the economy against a backdrop of growing policy uncertainty

How to Deal With Difficult Co-Workers.....and What You Can Learn From Them No matter where you’re currently employed, you likely have to deal with a few difficult co-workers on a regular basis. They’re enough to make you want to quit. But in today’s economy, quitting any job is simply not an option. Your best bet is to learn not only how to get along with difficult people, but to learn a few lessons from them.

The Execution Solution: Five Trade Secrets of Companies That Consistently Get Things Done Rick Lepsinger names five companies that are consistently able to get things done from those that aren’t. He has also uncovered five characteristics and competencies that set companies up for success

“Nailing” That Next Presentation John Fallon outlines hints in becoming good presenters and are designed from three areas: the message, the messenger and the medium. . . . 18

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