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Kelly Space & Technology, Inc. vision and mission for Technical Employment Training, Inc. After Fontana High School closed its machinist training program, Kelly Space & Technology immediately volunteered to store the equipment and tooling in its facilities. It also took this opportunity of fulfilling a business, education and workforce development approach to training students in need of employment skills

TV Battle of the Sexes, Part 2—Men are from Muntz, Women are from Zenith 3D is coming to your living room. Just as you have invested in a new and larger flat screen TV, Hollywood has gone full throttle in producing films in 3D. What does that mean when these movies come out on DVD?

Mistake-Proofing Your Start-Up Business How can long-standing business owners and first-time entrepreneurs survive these tough times? Mistake-proof your business. All it takes is a little time using free online tools and search engine research with Google

New Ways to Aha! Ideas—Restart Creativity and Innovation in Your Company Creativity is possible at all levels from the kitchen chemistry lab to the corporate development project. Larry Kilham gives some directions in creating new designs and products

You, Inc.: 22 Ways You Can Show Your Value in Today’s Cutthroat Corporate World For many companies these days, business isn’t exactly booming. Instead of worrying when your head might be on the chopping block, focus on You, Inc. Blaine Loomer offers advice for anyone who wants to know how they can get ahead in a treacherous employment environment



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