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Are You Committing the Seven Deadly Sins of Business Transformation? Too many employees these days are running on empty no matter how great their work ethic or their fear of unemployment. Mohan Nair believes that when people are motivated by a cause, they’ll work without stopping and without loss of energy. However, there are seven sins that you should know about that are waiting to trip you up if you want to transform your company

Hire Fast, Fire Faster If you have ever made a bad hiring decision, don’t worry you are in good company. All leaders and managers select bad hires even if they don’t know it. The difference is, really great leaders recognize their mistake and fire faster

Grow Your Own Talent: Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills Greg Crabtree believes that companies should grow their own talent instead of hiring an employee who can only handle part of the job. Training your staff to grow into new jobs reduces labor costs. Instead of passing on the labor costs to clients, it keeps services more affordable and profitable.

Question Your Way to a Job Offer: Ten Power Questions YOU Should Ask to Distinguish Yourself During a Job Interview Got a job interview coming up? If you haven’t brushed up on the questions you want to ask the interviewer, you’re missing a key part of your preparation—the part that may win you the job

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