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One Question Every Small Business Owner Must Answer — Understanding Your Competitive Advantage Every business owner must be able to answer one very basic question, “Why should a prospective customer buy my product or service rather than a competitor’s?” If the owner cannot answer this question, he or she should probably cut his or her losses and seek alternative employment

The 3 R’s for Dealing With Workplace Bullying Workplace bullying is a pressing problem in today’s workplaces. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI), 35% of the U.S. workforce report being bullied right now! Danita Johnson Hughes gives some tips to employees and leaders on how to stop workplace bullying

The Key to Successful Selling: Become a Priority Your product or service cannot become a client’s number one priority until you understand the customer’s priorities. Nathan Jamail lists a couple of things you can do to move buying your product or service up on the customer’s priority list without having to offer a financial incentive or limited time offer

Accountability Increases Ability Diane Ciotta outlines effective ways to motivate employees to be more accountable

After-Acquired Evidence Comes to the Rescue In a case decided last month, the Court dismissed an employee’s claims for disability. Evidence discovered that the employee filed a counterfeit social security number

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