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A “Fixed” Fight: A Peek Inside One Construction Expert’s Campaign to Make Fixed-Price Contracts and Cost Containment the Industry’s New Normal Construction cost overruns have run rampant for decades. It is an industry that has seen per-worker productivity fall by nearly 25 percent over the past 40 years

Leadership & Little White Lies: How Those Seemingly Harmless Fibs and Half-Truths Can Hurt Your Business Author Dave Anderson says that white lies can do serious damage to your reputation and can lead to much bigger issues down the road. Read to see why cleaning up your act can help save your business

The Domino’s Theory: What Your Company Can Learn From the Customer-Driven “Pizza Turnaround” Recently, Domino’s Pizza did something practically unheard of in the business world. It asked its customers for honest feedback. Then it actually listened to the painful truth

The Year of the Connector: Eight Ways to Make More Meaningful Business Connections in 2010 Read to learn the keys for connecting that could make 2010 your most successful year yet

7 Publicity Myths That Can Hurt Your Business Before you can get your business the publicity it deserves, you need to separate the PR facts from the fiction. Pam Lontos gives the most common publicity myths and the truths behind them. .

Let’s Hear It for the Girls: 14 Women Who Made a Big Splash in 2009 Roxanne Rivera says the reason 2009 will truly be one for the history books is because it saw women making big splashes in industries and businesses where the headlines usually go to the men

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