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Toward a New American Century Michael Milken believes America can extend pre-eminence on competition from China and other countries if we assume greater responsibility for its common destiny. He gives six areas in particular that provide opportunities for positive change

Create a Mastermind Group That Works for You Joelle Jay outlines six steps of mastermind creation—a small group of dedicated peers who share and support each other through the challenges of life and leadership.

The Future of Your Business is in the Palm of Your Hand—Using the Power of Smartphones to Grow Your Business What started as a must-have device that didn’t tie you down has now morphed into a texting, tweeting, multi-tasking productivity and entertainment gadget that offers a wide range of possibilities for you and your business.

It’s Okay to Look How Searching Other Companies’ Patents Can Keep Your Company Safe Searching competitors’ published patent applications and existing patents have actually helped companies in maximizing their commercial advantages and following the laws

Should you increase your prices tenfold? Stuart Morley gives good advice in helping mid-sized companies, especially with pricing strategy difficulties. When mid-sized companies bid on multi-million dollar projects, decisions have to be made in its pricing

The 8 Things Your Staff Hates About You—Get More Respect by Changing Bad Management Habits When your staff members respect you and the way you manage the team, it improves morale. When morale goes up, production goes up

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