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The Mommy Trap—Family-Prenup for Financial Insurance Susan Spencer discusses the Jack and Jill Syndrome—mothers who become single parents with no savings, no child support and no career. She suggests that a “family prenup” might be helpful before marriage —insuring the couple’s children have some financial security

Five Ways to Make the Most of the Recovering Economy at Your Company Many economists are saying that the U.S. economy is finally on an uptick. Now that more growth is possible, Dan Adams warns that it’s the time to make sure your company is poised to get its share of the economic recovery

Where Is the Money? The Government Has It The federal government is the largest single buyer of goods and services in the U.S. The governments have money to spend. Because not every business is qualified, the field can be a little less crowded. Jim Bain outlines basic steps to get started in working with the government.

Winners and Losers in the “New Normal” Economy —the Top 10 Differences It is the best of times and the worst of times for companies today. Too many businesses are reacting in fear. There are 10 key differences between a thriving company and a floundering one in this economy. Companies should ask some very important questions

Remembrance of Things Before Computers J. Allen Leinberger reviews the past and present technologies that are changing our lives—hopefully for the better

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