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Winter 2-2010


Commentary: Securing Future Leaders for Economic Growth “The future business leaders for our community should be a product of the community. In order to build a foundation for success in the business realm, steps begin at the high school and university level,” states Jennifer Torrez.

SBA Lending Increases Sharply From October Thru December 2009 SBA loan activity in Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties continues to make a strong comeback, with both the number of loans and their dollar amounts showing substantial increases in the first quarter of fiscal year 2010 versus the same period in 2009. Some good news to hear

Selling Yourself and Your Ideas to Senior Management: Polish Up Your Public Speaking Skills in Advance! It’s no secret, the more important your public speaking and communications skills become the faster you’ll climb the corporate ladder. Patricia Fripp gives her Seven Fripp Do’s and her three Fripp Don’t in helping your communication skills

Keys to Social Media Marketing Success Pam Lontos gives some guidelines which will help in order to ensure that Social Media Marketing (called SMM) works for you in a positive way. Social Media Marketing is the newest buzz in the PR and marketing realm

Gaining Trust is Never Easy. Losing It Is. In any relationship, there are no little things. Everything counts especially in business. Michael Angier emphasizes that trust accounts are created by consistently doing what you say you’ll do and always acting with honesty and integrity


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