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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


Information and Decision Sciences

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Harold Dyck


Reducing traffic accidents is an essential public safety challenge all over the world; therefore, accident analysis has been a subject of much research in recent decades.

The objective of the project is to analyze the US accident data from 50 states to inform the US government agencies and the general public on trends and possible causes of traffic accidents and what could be done to reduce them. The analysis include number of accidents by year, number of accidents by state, best time to travel by month, day and hour, accident-prone area in each state, factors responsible of the accidents like weather, wind flow, temperature, location, etc., deaths in each state, age group of fatalities, drivers involved in accident, drivers age group, vehicles involved in accident, driver with alcohol consumption.

The analysis platform is built using Tableau. Government agencies and the general public can leverage these insights and take a preventive measure which can reduce US accidents.

The significant findings from the analysis are: (a) most of the accidents are happening in October, November, December; (b) nighttime is safe to travel, (c) a more substantial number of deaths are from drivers in the 20-35 age group; (d) weather, temperature, and location are the factors responsible for 9% of accidents, and (e) about 60% accidents are attributed to drunk driving.

The main recommendations from the project focus on Infrastructure, Policy, Administrative, and Human behavior-related changes that can be implemented by the state and the federal government.