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Master of Social Work


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Davis, Thomas. Ph.D


This study focuses on the preparedness, and perception of Bachelor and Master of Social Work students in a California State University when encountering with clients in mixed-status families. The students were contacted via school email and provided with a questionnaire that inquired their preparedness when assisting undocumented clients, and their families. The results of the study concluded that majority of the students have encountered working with mixed-status families either in a personal or professional setting. Though, the data collected indicated that there are several factors that have impacted their knowledge of how to assist and provide linkage to other resources to undocumentedindividuals, and their families. The majority of respondents reported having an insufficiency knowledge of resources on the topic. These outcomes suggest that the Schools of Social Work should consider literature on Mixed-status families for Social Work students to provide appropriate services for them. A quantitative method was used to analyze and collect information from the students.

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