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Master of Social Work


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Chang, Janet


There is an increased risk in college aged students to engage in problematic substance use. The culture and perceived college experience endorse substance use, whether it is through alcohol, marijuana, or other related drugs. Students are susceptible to these behaviors that can later turn into addictions. Literature supports that this population benefits from the availability of on-campus support groups and services related to substance use. This study provides insight into the perceived effectiveness of campus-based services that are directed to assisting students with substance use. More specifically, this study explored the views of staff members that deliver these services in order to gain insight about how students benefit from accessing these resources. The data was gathered by conducting face-to-face interviews in which responses were audio recorded on an electronic device and later transcribed into transcripts. The transcripts were analyzed and coded for themes and concepts that surfaced throughout the participants’ responses. The results obtained demonstrate significant aspects of how services can impact the student’s struggles with substance use. Ultimately, this research builds on the need for this population to have campus-based services accessible and the importance of integrating social work practice to further assist them.

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