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Master of Social Work


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Chang, Janet


The research focus for this study was to examine the perspectives of social workers on clients’ ability to maintain sobriety. The primary question that was addressed is if social workers believe that a person can continue to maintain sobriety after treatment. The secondary question was whether having a dual diagnosis affects these beliefs. The sampling strategy that was used was the maximum variation sampling, and qualitative data gathering was used for this study through face-to-face interviews between the researcher and the social workers on an individual basis. Each interview was audio-recorded on a digital device. There are a total of eight participants in the study. The study found that there existed a strong connection between maintaining sobriety and having a healthy support system. The study also revealed that professional burnout had a significant effect on the treatment of the client. Finally, the findings of the study point to the importance of psychotherapy in treatment of chemically dependent patients. Overall results suggest the strong need for healthy support systems to maintain sobriety and the necessity of exploring methods to better prevent professional burnout. Results also imply the need for continued research in the area of substance abuse and how to better promote sobriety within the community.

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