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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Ervin, Kathryn



My project for this Interdisciplinary Master’s Program, studying Film Theories and Media Production methods, details “A Production Process for Creating a Web Series, called SNAPtv”. This media production was designed to demonstrate my experience and knowledge I gained through this degree, by specific areas of developing and producing media, including script writing, filming and editing media content, to construct an original web series from Pre-Production to Post-Production.

SNAPtv is a hybrid, sketch comedy, talk show produced as an online web series that mimics the characteristics of a semi-scripted Reality-Television series and combines the elements of a talk show with short comedy scenes used as segues for entertainment.

This original web series SNAPtv, features the lives of four students who move into a co-ed dormitory at Cal State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). As freshmen students, they embark on a new but similar journey to achieve their academic endeavors while experiencing diversity, social and racial inequalities and situations relevant to those of college students. These issues included, the cost of an education, pressures of studying, time management and adjusting to college life.

This web series will launch from within the CSUSB’s own media channel to produce the first pilot webisode for SNAPtv, titled “MOVING IN”. This project will provide a sample production packet in the form of a manuscript for the development of this web series.

This project will include a completed sample production packet containing the documents necessary to create SNAPtv’s pilot webisode, including essential procedures and functions of The Production Process for developing and producing media.

SNAPtv will demonstrate my current knowledge and understanding of producing media for the Entertainment Industry while outlining my production process for creating SNAPtv