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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Armando Barragán


This proposal discusses some of the stigmas about the transmission of HIV and AIDS, its spread amongst college students and how it can be reduced through the efforts of social work. It attempts to discover these concepts to garner a general view of all unfavorable attitudes, lack of knowledge, perceptions of whether a person is infected or not, risky sexual behaviors and social influence for social workers to better understand the root cause of its rise. The primary problem is the rise of the HIV and AIDS virus amongst the college population. Through surveys and interpreting quantitative data, it is found that there is no relationship between having knowledge of HIV/AIDS and engaging in risky sexual behavior. Based on these findings, a social construct theory is suggested to social workers to be put into practice. Social workers may also conduct outreach events to promote awareness, build rapport and gain an understanding of the information gaps within society.

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