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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Armando Barragán, Ph.D


This qualitative study examines the challenges that community health workers or Promotores face when implementing their programs to produce better outcomes in the Latino community. Data collection was derived from five local promotores with an adequate knowledge base of expertise in promotores programs. Study themes focused on how promotores implement their programs, the challenges they face and providing professional and personal insight on working with the Latino community. Present day research emphasizes that promotores or the community health worker model approaches have been promoted as a strategy to address health disparities experienced by Latino communities in the U.S. These programs have been implemented in an effort to improve the health of Latino families and bring awareness to public health issues. However, not much is known about the challenges that they face when implementing these interventions. Study results indicated five emerging themes pertaining to the challenges that promotores face when implementing their programs and include: mental health stigma, recruitment, funding barriers, and lack of evaluation. Finally, suggestions for further research on promotores and the Latino community are discussed.