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Master of Social Work


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Barragan, Armando Jr. / Chang, Janet


The purpose of this study was to explore whether Latino parent perception of their involvement in their elementary child’s education affect their child’s behavior in the classroom. Previous research has demonstrated that parent involvement in education enhances the academic, socioemotional, and behavioral outcomes of children (Matingly et al., 2013). The current study utilized the qualitative method to examine Latino parent perception of school involvement and its relationship to child’s classroom behavior. Results from interviews were transcribed and analyzed. Findings of this study suggest that a relationship exists between parent perception of involvement in child’s education and child’s classroom behavior. Findings revealed three major themes: perception of parent involvement, communication and barriers. Results may bring awareness to the Latino community of how parent involvement can impact behavior and lead to mental health implications. Findings may influence social workers to change school policies, develop new programs and to refer them to adequate services.

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