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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



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Felicia Luna Lemus


As a child of God I know that every single human being was created by a loving Heavenly Father and that each of us has a purpose to fulfill during our lifetime. Part of my individual purpose is to share myself and my testimony of the gospel with others through the medium of the written word. My life, like yours, is a unique composition that requires a consistent and mindful application of agency to direct and edit its progress. I have made use of my agency as I have maneuvered the many conflicts and plot twists that I have faced during my lifetime. Learning about and embracing the importance of creative writing in my life is the result of the choices I have made along the way. As you read this work, this statement of purpose, you will learn about the moments in my life that have led me to this page. They have included trials, celebrations, and resolutions that have redirected my journey until I reached this chapter of my life to became the person I am today: a daughter of God, a daughter of man, a sister, an aunt, a teacher, and, most recently, a writer.