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Lizano, Erica


A significant amount of previous research has addressed burnout among mental health professionals who work with individuals with severe and persistent mental disorders. Multiple issues can contribute to burnout including organizational factors, severity of client diagnosis, and low quality supervision (Lasalvia et al., 2009, Ballenger-Browning et al., 2011, Kozlawska, Nunn, & Cousens, 1997). The purpose of this study is to identify the most critical elements of burnout among public mental health professionals. This study is a systematic review, using 10 key articles, of existing literature on elements of burnout and contributing factors to developing burnout in public mental health professionals. The search yielded three major categories of dynamics: client specific characteristics, individual worker characteristics, and organizational/environmental characteristics. Identifying the red flag contributors to burnout in this segment of social work will be essential informing clinician’s practice in public mental health. Additionally, the findings from this study may be effective in macro practice in informing large-scale trainings for social workers as well as policy and legislation.

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