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Master of Social Work


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McAllister, Carolyn


The purpose of this study was to explore the ways mental health providers continue developing and strengthening their skills to have a great impact and overall beneficial effect on the families they are supporting. An interview questionnaire was created to explore participants’ experiences working with families and their children to generate an understanding of their current experiences in the mental health field. Through this study we have learned that the mental health providers are aware of the traits that they have to possess in order to provide the best care for the clients and their families. The participants in the study stay motivated by seeing the positive client outcomes and receiving feedback from their clients and families. They apply new research, go to workshops, are change agents, seek supervision, and network with other professionals for support. The qualitative design was used in order to collect the data from the participants.

The study sample consisted of twelve Mental Health Providers. One‑on‑one interviews were conducted, a consent was obtained per participant, and transcribed for thematic analysis. Based on participant narratives, a key finding in this study found that there are barriers to the mental health professionals, due to cost, time restraints, lack of peer support, and supervision. A key finding was the motivation of the Mental Health Professionals to continue providing services to the families was high due to the feedback and positive client outcomes. Future research is needed to explore additional ways to better support the Mental Health Provider in the mental health field.

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