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Master of Social Work


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Dr. Armando Barragan


Latino populations continue to utilize mental health services at lower rates than their non-Latino counterparts. This is concerning for several reasons. Mental illness, is extremely prevalent in the general population. The population of Latinos (particularly younger individuals) in the United States is rapidly increasing. Acculturation has been found to negatively impact mental health issues in Latino populations. And finally, emerging adult’s unmet mental health needs / issues place them at risk for failing to adapt to adult roles, impacting their lives in many ways. This mixed methods study implores primarily quantitative design and includes two qualitative questions to explore the beliefs about mental health services among emerging adult (18-25) Latinos. Data for this study was derived from a survey, which was developed by adapting current qualitative research focused on Latino mental health and barriers to service. Additionally, questions were created by adapting the Community Attitudes Toward the Mentally Ill to explore stigma towards mental health services and illness. Forty-three completed surveys were analyzed; the findings are presented within this thesis.

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