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Master of Social Work


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Dr. Cory Dennis


Human sex trafficking of minors is generally thought of as a problem that occurs in third world countries; however recent incidents have begun to shine a light on domestic sex trafficking happening in the United States. Qualitative interviews were conducted with seven participants who work with this population and explored treatment approaches they have observed to be effective when treating victims. The common theme was the use of Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), especially when gathering information surrounding the trauma. It is important to note that although TF-CBT has been observed to be effective it does not meet all of the complex needs of the victims as reported by the participants. This population can be challenging to treat, but positive changes have been observed, such as increased use of coping skills to manage symptoms. There is a great need to educate service providers and the general public on this matter in order to boost advocacy, and improve and increase resources for this group.

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