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Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art



First Reader/Committee Chair

Ragguette, Alison


As a studio artist using multiple media, I investigate subjectivity of the female body as depicted within the context of evangelical doctrines and traditions. I explore misogyny and the absence of bodily autonomy in the bible, which designates women as property to be owned, purchased, and sold. Some overlapping themes include religious trauma, domestication, submission, and virginity. The intertwining of topics allows me to share my lived experience, and ignite conversation into certain religious doctrines that simultaneously live among cultural and political lines.

Emphasizing ‘holy’ scripture, my art varies through domestic materiality and includes crocheted textiles, oil paintings, installation with mixed media, and texture abstract expressions. With distinct intention to create a reflectively somber atmosphere, the media and disciplines are reduced in the color palette, methodically chosen to focus attention to conceptual quietness, solitude, and discomfort. The processes and techniques of making are vital to each piece, and produce additional layers of purpose, interest, and intent.