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Master of Social Work


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Li, Yawen


This qualitative research study aimed to reduce mental health service disparities in Latinx communities and helps fill in the gap by addressing cultural and structural barriers to utilizing MHS in a school-based setting for Latinx youth. There is limited research regarding Latinx parents’ perspectives and the reservations they have on utilizing school-based mental health services (MHS) for their children. This study identified six important themes: cultural factors, trust and rapport, reservations, access and awareness, parental involvement and challenges, and school-based resources. Implications for school districts are that they can use these findings to increase early intervention mental behavioral health programs and minimize barriers to mental health services. Latinx students will be able to receive timely support within a familiar and comfortable environment. There should be special considerations to how both culture and structural barriers impact utilization of MHS in a school setting and promote culturally sensitive mental health services to Latinx youth in school settings.