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Master of Social Work


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Lim, Caroline


The purpose of the study was to examine what are the perceived barriers to mental health service use among Latinx women with postpartum depression symptoms. The literature on women with postpartum depression symptoms showed that barriers like concern of judgment, lack of support, and lack of knowledge of PPD were some of the reasons why they did not seek treatment.

The study uses in depth, qualitative interviews with seven Latin women who gave birth within the last two years, and experienced postpartum depression symptoms. The interviews were conducted from February 2022 through March 2022.

Thematic analysis uncovered the following five barriers: Inadequate Knowledge of postpartum depression, Concern of Judgement, Lack of support, Lack of resources, and Difficulty Making Appointments and Long Wait Times. The results that emerged from the study show that Latinx women worry that the stigma of mental health and the lack of knowledge about postpartum depression in their family lead them to not seek mental health treatment. The data indicates that there is still a taboo regarding seeking seeing mental health professionals.

The findings of this research can be utilized in social work practices. Social workers and therapists can use the data to educate clients and their families about the importance of mental health treatment and communication between friends and family during the postpartum period. Professional can be provided workshops to promote cultural awareness, and more support groups can be created for Latinx women that speak both English and Spanish.

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