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Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art



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Spence, Bradley


My work can be distilled into two major points of inquiry: perception and technology. I render minimalist interactions between reflective planes, shapes floating in space, and portals into the void. Driven by color, light and space, my work warps its environment through the illusion of illumination and dimension, and invites viewers to lose themselves in the altered space. This work is reflective of my life experience, caught between the real and the unreal.

Technology is both a muse and a tool in creating my analog work. The screen both heightens and distracts from my anxiety. Like many in my generation, I reckon with the incredible importance we assign these ubiquitous objects. The rounded rectangular form many of our devices take and is assigned new meaning in my work, transforming into an opening, an obstacle, or an object of desire. I’m interested in the tangible presence of art in an effort to transcend the immaterial, constant, shiny, images generated by screens.

I continue to experiment with shapes and techniques, motivated by personal experience and advancements in consumer technology. I am finding new ways to activate surfaces to transform my artworks into an experience for the viewer. Like the devices we upgrade, I intend to create new “generations” of work, innovating over time with a sense of discovery and play.

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Painting Commons