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Master of Social Work


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McAllister Carolyn



This research study reviewed some of the challenges that foster care children with medical complexities encounter. The number of children with medical complexities in the foster care system has significantly increased in the last few years. However, little is known about the perceptions of social workers who have worked or will work with this specific population during their careers. This research explored social workers’ knowledge about care and the designed protocols in working with foster children with medical complexities. Variables including social workers’ classification, education level, degree’s background, experience, and completion of training were considered in this study. This study was exploratory with a quantitative approach and carried out via a survey questionnaire. The data was analyzed using the statistical program SPSS. The findings of this research indicated that even though most of the respondents perceived their level of competence in working with foster children with medical complexities as satisfactory, more than half of the respondents confirmed that they lacked education and training on medical issues related to social services.

Keywords: foster care children, medical complexities, social workers, and training.

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