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Master of Social Work


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McAllister, Carolyn


Social workers provide services in an array of settings which greatly include providing supportive services and resources to children and families. Studies have shown that although social workers are generally trained for comprehensive services, grief and loss have been seemingly left out of social work education and training, leaving many social workers incompetent to address clients presenting with grief/loss (Boss, 2006, Griese et al., 2017, Murty et al., 2015). Unfortunately, this leads to inadequate social work services for many children presenting with grief/loss (Lenhardt, 1997). This study will take a quantitative approach to gather information on the perceived competence of undergraduate and graduate social work students to uncover the limitations and barriers that students face for receiving adequate training and education in addressing grief and loss among children. The findings for this research will serve to develop current curriculum and training for schools of social work to include grief/loss education and training.

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