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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


Information and Decision Sciences

First Reader/Committee Chair

Mohabbati, Nasrin


The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a part of our lives and has provided many enhancements to day-to-day living. In this project, IoT in healthcare is reviewed. IoT-based healthcare is utilized in remote health monitoring, observing chronic diseases, individual fitness programs, helping the elderly, and many other healthcare fields. There are three main architectures of smart IoT healthcare: Three-Layer Architecture, Service-Oriented Based Architecture (SoA), and The Middleware-Based IoT Architecture. Depending on the required services, different IoT architecture are being used. In addition, IoT healthcare services, IoT healthcare service enablers, IoT healthcare applications, and IoT healthcare services focusing on Smartwatch are presented in this research. Along with IoT in smart healthcare, Health Recommender Systems integration with IoT is important. Main Recommender Systems including Content-based filtering, Collaborative-based filtering, Knowledge-based filtering, and Hybrid filtering with machine learning algorithms are described for the Health Recommender Systems. In this study, a framework is presented for the IoT-based Health Recommender Systems. Also, a case is investigated on how different algorithms can be used for Recommender Systems and their accuracy levels are presented. Such a framework can help with the health issues, for example, risk of going to see the doctor during pandemic, taking quick actions in any health emergencies, affordability of healthcare services, and enhancing the personal lifestyle using recommendations in non-critical conditions. The proposed framework can necessitate further development of IoT-based Health Recommender Systems so that people can mitigate their medical emergencies and live a healthy life.