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Master of Social Work


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Armando Barragán



The purpose of this paper is to understand the competence social workers have with diagnosing and treating OCD. The study is significant since there are many sufferers of OCD who are misdiagnosed. Researchers have found that over 50% of individuals with OCD have been misdiagnosed (Glazier et al., 2015). This study will be significant for all mental health workers including MSW graduates and Master in Social Work students. By understanding what social workers know or do not know about the mental illness OCD we are then able to understand what improvements need to be made in the field of social work. The research design that was used in this study was quantitative research. The sample which consisted of MSW graduates and MSW students was a total of 46 participants. The study utilized a questionnaire survey which allowed the researcher to draw conclusions on the data and interpret the results. Through the data gathered the researcher found that there were no significant differences between MSW students and MSW graduates concerning their knowledge of OCD.

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