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Master of Social Work


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Heidemann, Gretchen


The purpose of this study is to identify personal and professional challenges that social workers faced while working in-person with clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This research utilized an exploratory qualitative design. In-depth interviews were conducted with eight participants. Participants were MSW postgraduates recruited through convenience sampling methods. Data was collected via in-depth interviews to identify universal challenges social workers experienced. Through thematic analysis of open coding, the following five semantic themes emerged: safety concerns/risks, ethical professional dilemmas, decreased ability to engage in self-care/increased acquisition of unhealthy habits, loss of connection, and emotional distress Through axial coding, it was found that all five semantic themes were connected to latent-level themes of resilience and uncertainty. Building on existing pandemic preparedness frameworks, these findings could allow for future research to formulate both individual and systems solutions of permeance.

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