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Master of Arts in Communication Studies


Communication Studies

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Dr. Julie Taylor



Speaking skills are one of the most desired outcomes for university students. Competent communicators have more opportunities for professional development and upward mobility. On the other hand, research shows that several types of communication are on the "greatest fears" list for a majority. This project contains six one-hour workshops to help reduce communication apprehension. Communication apprehension (CA) is the concept; Communication in the Disciplines (CID) is the theoretical foundation, applied to this project. Researchers expect to see a rise in communication fears, Nevertheless, these workshops are timeless and pragmatic, each contributes to reducing communication apprehension by teaching strategies to develop and manage communication challenges, providing communication skills training, helping students to connect (or reconnect) to each other, faculty, and campus communication support services. Participating in communication events has been correlated with communication competency and a reduction in communication apprehension.

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