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Master of Arts in Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice

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Deborah Parsons


This investigative study explores bullycide. Bullycide is the act of committing suicide because of bullying. The primary objective of this research was to compare Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer (LGBTIQ) (n = 41) and heterosexual (n = 20) respondents and the prevalence of potential bullycide indicators. By surveying (N = 61) adults, a comparison was made among respondents and their coping mechanisms to bullying. The study found that both sub-groups face an equally high tendency of coping with anger over discomfort (.017). The study also found that both sub-groups demonstrate a high likelihood of responding to bullying by withdrawing from others (.002). The purpose of this study was meant to not only shine light on a phenomenon that has been progressively coming to light in the last decade, but to also explore possible policies, or lack thereof, that are currently in place for victims of bullying, to determine whether or not more are necessary.