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Master of Arts in Psychological Science



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Reimer, Jason


The purpose of the present study was to attempt to provide an ocular signature for the dual mechanisms of cognitive control (proactivity and reactivity) by utilizing an eye tracker to record gaze patterns while participants were administered a modified version of the AX-CPT 40. Additionally, we sought to clarify whether context updating or maintenance was responsible for the higher Total Visit Duration (TVD) on the cue location during the ISI that was found in previous studies by providing both a short (1.5 seconds) and long (3 seconds) ISI length. This allowed us to disentangle context updating from maintenance by removing the demand on maintenance with a 1.5 second condition. Our analyses provided conflicting information with the findings from previous studies where TVD on the cue location during the ISI was positively associated with PBI. In the current study, TVD on the cue location during the ISI was negatively associated with PBI. This association is in the opposite direction of what was found in previous experiments. In conclusion, further replication needs to be performed to ascertain the accuracy of these findings.