Meng-Hsi Tsai

Date of Award


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Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering


The International Extension Programs Information System version II (IEPIS II) improves on the IEPIS I (designed by Yu-Pin Chang) by using the MVC Model 2 design pattern for Java Web applications. IEPIS II accomplishes this by employing the Apache Struts framework. The MVC Model 2 design pattern is an architecture that introduces a controller servlet to provide a single point of entry to the web system and to encourage more reuse and extensibility in web applications. Struts is an open sourced framework based on the MVC architectural pattern. It was created by Craig R. McClanahan, who donated it to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) in 2000; it is one of the Jakarta projects. In addition to the Struts framework, this project also utilizes the Tiles framework, which is a view conponent that compliments Struts; it is used as a template to achieve a better presentation interface. The project also implements an internationalization (I18N) design in order to provide site content in multiple languages.