The end of yellow bricks

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



First Advisor

Delgado, Juan

Second Advisor

Paegle, Julie


"The End of Yellow Bricks" is a collection of poetry that attempts to expose the struggle to accept queer identity amid coming of age pressures in an effort to find a sense of community and reconcile a fractured self. The poems invite many voices to speak. And in turn, many voices undergo metamorphosis as they explore themes including family, sexuality, gender performance, religion, class, segregation, loneliness, and transformation. The collection focuses on the personal, specifically on trauma, guilt, desire, and the formation of the individual within the family matrix. Through experimental writing, the collection questions traditional notions of identity and attempts to reveal the coded language of gay subculture. Ultimately, the collection is a statement of protest that seeks to engage the current American political debate concerning the queer civil liberties through an exploration of male homosexual cultural experiences.

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