No freak of nature

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



First Advisor

Moffett, Kevin

Second Advisor

Hirshberg, Glen


The purpose of this thesis is to show the authors' viewpoints and styles of writing. The author believes that a writer who explores new ideas rather than reinforces old ideas is doing so because s/he is bored or restless. Throughout this MFA program, the author obligated himself to think of what new development he can come up with in writing. The author wants to appeal to newer generations, who he believes has shorter attention spans and embrace absurdity and irrelevance more than past generations. Also in regards to newer generations, he embraces the Internet and puts great consideration into how its unique landscape influences the literary world. The authors' stories reflect absurdity hyperbolizing everyday entities/events/people to make something about the daily world pointless. The authors goals are to be meaningless, to explore, to fight boredom, to have range, and to keep working at creating stories for Internet people.

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