Fall back

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



First Advisor

Moffett, Kevin

Second Advisor

Hirshberg, Glen


The purpose of this thesis is to allow the author to share his creative writing experiences and discoveries. The author shares that writing is a never-ending learning process. Writing is never finished and there is always more to discover: countless authors to read, sentences to sharpen, a variety of stylistic choices to make, and new characters to learn. The hunger for wanting to learn more is what fuels his writing. In searching for the answers to the question of "how does one write a brilliant story?", the author finds by creating new characters and reading a variety of both classic and contemporary authors, the author will be able to gather tiny pieces of the answers continuously as long as he keeps attempting new tricks. The authors fiction does not aim to tug at heart strings, but rather focuses on intimate relationships: romantic, father and son, sisters, friends, lovers trying to remain friends etc.

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