Nervous laughter

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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



First Advisor

Delgado, Juan

Second Advisor

Paegle, Julie


Nervous Laughter is the first collection of poetry written by Andrew Huver. The authors' collection often deals with laughter that comes through pain and sorrow: the laughter of comfort. The domestic world features prominently in the collection. The poems in Nervous Laughter explore the domestic world with humor, love, and an endless desire to understand the immediate world-the world of mind. The authors' poems delight in human experience all while expressing a deep reverie for the brevity and fragility of life. He draws upon the poetic vision of those poets who have sought to understand the world by ordering their experience in new ways. His work is heavily influenced by the work of such poets as Wallace Stevens and Elizabeth Bishop for its imaginative depth, and such contemporaries as Billy Collins, Sharon Olds, and Mark Doty for its playful wit.


As a creative work produced as part of CSUSB's Master of Fine Arts program, the full text of this work will not be made available online except at the specific request of the author.

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