Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Gomez, Ernesto

Second Advisor

Yu, Zong Lai

Third Advisor

Voigt, Kerstin


This project was performed to get hands on experience on the implementation of web services. During this project execution, significant time was spent researching about existing web services and various programming environments that can be used for building the application. The following application - AJAX, JavaScript, Java, Java server pages, HTML, and CSS. Existing data content from the following web service resources were used in this application - Google API, ArcWebServices, Weather XML feed. The purpose of this application is to show the map location along with the weather of the place selected by the user. This application can be easily integrated with university web pages to give easy access to weather and place information for students and staff at California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB).