Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

First Advisor

McCaslin, Rosemary

Second Advisor

Fraser, David

Third Advisor

Capsavage, Shirley


The project attempted to understand what factors create the highest levels of stress for African-American caregivers. Quantitative data was gathered from a self-administered questionnaire given to caregivers that attend Inland Caregiver Resource Center and take their loved ones to a Davita Dialysis center in the Riverside area. Participants were asked to complete the Caregiver Burden Scale (CBS) and additional questions regarding demographics and community services known and used by the caregiver. The findings indicated that the age of the patient receiving care and the lack of attendance at any type of support group were the two elements which markedly contributed to caregiver stress in African Americans. Recommendations for social work practice, policy and research are included.