Toshio Murase

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Psychology



First Advisor

Gilbert, Janelle

Second Advisor

Koshino, Hideya

Third Advisor

Kaufman, James


This study examined the effects of Participative Safety (PS) and Support for Innovation (SI) on team creativity. It has been proposed that PS helps develop teamwork processes where members feel comfortable expressing and exchanging their ideas freely and SI makes a team perceive that creativity is valued. The study hypothesized that groups trained on PS score higher on creativity, feel less anxiety, have more cohesiveness, and have higher satisfaction than groups without PS training. The study also hypothesized that groups in the SI condition score higher on originality than groups in the non-SI condition. These climate conditions were created by providing a 15-minute PS training and a chance for participants to win monetary rewards. Student participants (N=123) were formed into 41 groups to write a proposal to a given problem. The proposals were analyzed by 5 graduate students. Correlational analyses revealed significant relationships between participative safety, cohesiveness, and satisfaction. However, results indicated the manipulations were ineffective and did not support all the hypotheses.