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The purpose of this project was to develop computer-assisted instruction (CAI) software on the world wide web (WWW). This project was an interactive English learning environment for Thai adult students at the Warin Chumrab District Non-Formal Education Center, Thailand. This project software followed the recommendation of a recent study by the center of education technology (CET) indicating that the favorite types of CAI among Thai adult students were tutorial and drill and practice. In this project students chose to learn from two types of lessons, either a tutorial or a drill and practice. The lessons were made interesting by the use of music, animation, and Java applets. Internet tools, such as discussion boards, email, and related educational hyperlinks were easily accessible from within this project. The review group consisted of 20 Thai adult students. The review group responded to a web survey after they had used this project software. The surveyed students stated that the drill and practice exercises, the tutorial and the internet tools enhanced their learning of English.