Abby Mozoras

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Master of Public Administration


Public Administration


"The purpose of this study is A) to identify the criteria for establishing permanent off-campus facility for existing centers. B) To identify the number of students from College of the Desert (COD) who are planning to continue their education at the California State University, Coachella Valley Campus (CVC.) C) To determine whether a permanent CSU Campus in Coachella Valley will motivate students from College of the Desert (COD) to get their bachelor's degree locally. D) To identify the degree programs in which COD students are most interested-in. E) To determine whether ethnicity (Hispanic students are the target group) plays a role in the students' choice of degree program. For purpose of this study literature pertaining to development of California State University, San Bernardino, and development of CSU off-campus centers was reviewed. Two hundred and thirty one students attending the spring 1999 semester at College of the Desert provided the data for this study."