Separated from the Pack: The CSUSB/COVID-19 Digital Collection

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Mary “Connie” Chester

Student #007250679 California State University San Bernardino


Numerous topics have come to mind as something interesting to note for posterity. The “unsure-of-what-day-it-is-and-do-I-really-have-to-get-dressed?-ness” of COVID-19 restrictions, the pervasive social isolation and its myriad affects and effects, people’s confusion, anger, and politicization of the pandemic, yet another assault on the global economy, and personal efforts to “flatten the curve,” resulting in “fattening our curves.” Quite literally, nearly everyone I know has gained weight during this pandemic.

However, I would like to write about the huge variation of face masks and how people seem to convey a kaleidoscope of art, emotion and fashion design via this personal protective equipment. I have attached some pictures for which I had permission to take, plus a few personal ones.

I have observed such a huge variety of designs, conveying many emotions, including anger, submission, emojis (happy/sad faces, etc.), I have also noticed color-coordination to the person’s outfit, with a face covering for every mood, season, fashion design and taste. I have seen folks “glam-it-up” with various bling of sequins and beads (many are hand-sewn with hyper-acute detail). I have enjoyed wearers displaying hobbies and/or love of certain creatures/things. Example: Carrie, my hard-core-equestrian-devotee friend has made several with horses galloping across her lower face.

Requirements for masking have aided many small businesses and cottage industry seamsters/seamstresses to fill the need for reusable masks, thus generating revenue. Also, it has sparked many folks to donate time and materials to make masks for charity. My friend, Donna, has literally made thousands of masks to donate to her church.

Thank you for allowing my submission to this important project."


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