Separated from the Pack: The CSUSB/COVID-19 Digital Collection

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Student generated description: "I could go on indefinitely about the liabilities COVID-19 has/d to offer, however (to better challenge myself) I decided to flip the script on this take and tell of the new assets I have gained due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. I have always been terrible at online learning because I prefer things like feeling/viewing the pages when reading from an actual book, asking my Professor questions in-person/detail, and getting out of the house to see the campus on a regular basis, etc. After ~1 year of online studies, I have confidently surpassed my ability to learn solely in-person with my ability to learn over the internet. This has increased my research capabilities tenfold and subsequentially made me an improved student. I, nevertheless, stick to a few older methods (e.g., printing every reading assignment I have received for easier scanning), but my overall learning experience has been molded in a positive manner. As a relatively introverted person, I appreciate the social distancing aspect of this pandemic more than most. I have had more time than ever for self-reflection, and this has led to me living a much healthier lifestyle all in all (e.g., quit smoking and drinking). At first, I did this solely to combat COVID if I did catch it (which I eventually did somehow). This would turn out to be a decision I genuinely relished as I continue these habits daily. The Populus’ love for gaming has reached a new all-time high as we find ourselves inside more than usual and, as a gamer I find this very satisfying. I love that some of my friends and I have stayed in touch solely through this experience we have online. I have bonded with other people and developed a closer friendship than we ever did in person and, I will be the first to admit that I have no idea how. COVID-19 has also helped me sort through different priorities I may have overlooked otherwise. E.g., I have (almost completely) stopped eating fast food and resorted to healthier at-home options. This is a massive deal for me as I would spend a plethora of money on eating out per diem, and it would also help me get out of my lazier habits. I used to dread the thought of cooking, yet now I look forward to it. In conclusion, I am living a much healthier lifestyle with an emphasis on my priorities as a direct result of COVID-19. This is simply a summary of the most important life-changing benefactors Coronavirus has brought to me; focusing on aspects any less would undermine the virus too much for me, and I would not feel comfortable doing that. I did catch this virus at the turn of the New Year, and I have never been so ill. I went from 235lbs (6’1”) to 183lbs in a matter of 8 days, and I would not wish this virus upon my worst enemies. Then again, we are not here to focus on the negatives, as I am sure plenty of students already did; I want to instead keep all attention on the benefits I outlined. Does the bad outweigh the good? Yes. Does the good (still) need to be emphasized/archived during these times? Yes. Thank you."


Student generated comment: "A brief take on the benefits of COVID-19 v. the drawbacks."