Separated from the Pack: The CSUSB/COVID-19 Digital Collection


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Contributor generated description: “This is a 1:33 video overview of the College of Arts and Letters, created for the college's Coyotes Connect virtual orientation session held Feb. 22, 2021. It was designed to promote CAL to prospective students who had not yet decided to enroll.

Sprinkled throughout are several Fall 2020 photos taken on campus that show how the College of Arts and Letters faced COVID-19 with creativity and innovation. (The photos include images of professors teaching in face masks, students playing musical instruments and singing in face masks, Zoom screen captures, etc.)

Narration is by Kelli Cluque, operations manager of Coyote Radio"


Contributor generated comment: “Written and edited by David Brady, Communication Specialist, College of Arts and Letters Dean's Office"