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"Growing Up on Fifth Street, La Calle Cinco Barrio”

Video of this interview can be viewed on YouTube. Please follow the link below:

Andres Garcia Interview 10/24/2014


Dr. Tom Rivera interviews Andrés García about his years of being raised in the South Colton barrio, “La Calle Cinco”. Andrés recalls his humble upbringing, memories of family, friends, school, and recreation in his neighborhood. Dr. Tom and Andrés remember the installation at the Caldera Center on South 5th Street that included a baseball field, a dance hall, and a bull ring. Andrés speaks of attending San Salvador Elementary School on Agua Mansa Road, games that he played with his friends, swimming at the “Quadrito” at the Santa Ana River, and family customs such as butchering pigs for food. He talks of his time as a radio operator in the Air Force in WWII, his marriage, and his participation in building the 1976 San Salvador Church in South Colton. He describes his life as rich with friendships and family.

By Henry Vasquez, Cultural and Historical Project Advisor