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"The Boy Scout Experience in the 40’s &, 50’s, and 60's” (continuation of November 14)"

In this interview, Dr. Tom Rivera and the members of Boy Scout Troop 45 expand on the discussion from November 14, 2015 – when the recording cut out unexpectedly. They explain how Saúl Durán took over as assistant Scoutmaster to Ray Abril, Sr. in 1952 – when the previous assistant, Ray Gonzales, was sent to Korea. They give names of various friends from the time period, and the barrios where they lived. They give detailed information about the camping sites on Blue Mountain (Spring 45, Bamboo Cave, and Skunk Hollow), and other camping activities including outdoor cooking, sports, fundraising, competitions with other troops, and tent pitching. In this interview they explain that Frank Gonzales took over as Scoutmaster in 1969 for a few years. All agree that they had good times in scouting. They truly respected Ray Abril, Sr., and believe that he served as a positive role model.


Ernie Colunga

Luis Gomez

Albert Felix

Rudy Luna

Frank Gonzales

Saul Duran