Communications of the IIMA


The purpose of this paper is to make people aware that business process re-engineering (BPR) plays an important role for satisfying the users’ demand by redesigning the existing activities in the library system. BPR plays an important role for organizational structures also and provides a customer-focused improvement. This paper defines the BPR, the need for BPR in redesigning the activities, satisfying the goals and services of the library. Due to the changes in the information communication technology (ICT), the changes have been occurring in each and every field. The presentation identifies the existed scenario in the National Science Library (NSL – three years back) and suggested for the re-engineering activities in terms of infrastructure development, contents development / access, services using ICT facilities and the satisfaction of the users. Exploring the BPR for implementation in NSL has changed the visibility to everyone and now it is having better infrastructure like installation of additional systems, LAN facility (service extended), more rooms for CD-ROM database access; contents in electronic format along with print collections, e-consortia formation helped NSL to have more e-journals with full text access and services from issue / return has changed from the windows environment to LAN environment (use of e-granthalaya software for automation) are available over network. Proposals are being idenfied to implement RFID technology soon. It concludes that every library should try to implement the BPR activities and gain the benefit out of it.